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Home Remedies for Diabetes

We don’t get amazed when somebody lets us know that he/she are diabetic. Just purpose for this is – diabetes has turned into a typical infection nowadays. Besides this malady is frequenting the human wellbeing in all over world. It is not generally important to burn through cash on pharmaceuticals on the grounds that there are different home cures which are very valuable to determine the medical problems.

In Diabetes there is expanded glucose level in our body. Diabetes is because of the deficient generation of hormone, insulin which is in charge of the change of glucose into vitality. Expanded thirst, abundance hunger and regular pee, moderate mending of bruises or wounds and sudden weight reduction are the side effects connected with diabetes.

In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as madhumeha which happens due the irritation of vata dosha. Awkwardness of vata causes the crumbling of dhatus (body tissues). So as per Ayurveda, fundamental driver of diabetes is the debilitated processing. Because of impeded assimilation, stomach related polluting influences get gathered in pancreatic cells and result in the disability in insulin generation.

Consequently for the diabetic patients, eat less cures assume a fundamental part to treat this infection. There are different eating routine cures and safeguards which can invert the diabetes actually.

Diet remedies to reverse diabetes naturally

To reverse there are various diet remedies which are quite effective to resolve the diabetes to a greater extent. Here is list of diet remedies to reverse diabetes-

# Holy basil (Tulsi)

Use of tulsi is quite effective in the treatment of diabetes. Tulsi is packed with antioxidants and various phytochemicals like methyl eugenol, eugenol and caryophyllene. These compounds help in the proper functioning of pancreatic beta cells. Antioxidants present in tulsi help to fight against the oxidative stress in body.

How to consume :

Daily Consumption of three to four tulsi leaves and about one tablespoon full of its juice on an empty stomach in morning is quite effective to lower down the blood sugar levels.

# Flax seeds (Alsi)

Flaxseeds contain the good amount of fiber thus help in the proper absorption of sugar and fats. Consumption of flax seeds is good to reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetes.

How to consume :

One can consume one tablespoon of flaxseed powder with a glass of warm water or milk on an empty stomach in every morning.

# Bitter gourd consumption of karela is considered to be one of most effective home remedy to reverse diabetes. Karela is packed with the two photochemical compounds named as charatin and momordicin. These compounds are packed with blood sugar lowering properties.

Karela is rich in the plant insulin-polypeptide-P (a biochemical compound) which mimics like the insulin produced by the human pancreas and helps in the reduction of sugar levels in the body.

How to consume :

  • One can consume karela as a dish or curry at least once in a week.
  • For the quick results it is good to have a 30-50ml of karela juice on an empty stomach once in three days.

#  Indian blackberry (Jamun)

Jamun or Indian blackberry is packed with amazing properties to reverse diabetes.  Seeds of jamun contain the glycoside which helps to   prevent the conversion of starch into sugar.

How to consume :

  • One can consume around 6 – 7 jamuns in the morning.
  • One can take one teaspoonful of jamun seeds powder with a glass of  warm water every day for good results.


Known to be good  to enhance insulin receptor sensitivity and helps to dilate the blood vessels,  improves the  blood circulation thus lowers the blood sugar levels.

How to consume :

Daily intake of neem juice on an empty stomach is good to reverse the diabetes for best results.

# Methi (Fenugreek seeds)

Methi seeds are also very effective to lower down the blood sugar levels.

How to consume :

Soak one teaspoonful of methi seeds in water for overnight. One can consume these methi seeds along with water on an empty stomach in morning everyday.

Precautions to reverse diabetes naturally :

1. Avoid spicy and oily foods – Diabetic must avoid oily and spicy food because it is difficult for  the diabetic patients to digest these kind of foods as compare to non diabetic patients.

2-Split your meals and eat in moderate amounts:

Good diet plays an important role to control diabetes. So one must take the moderate meals at least six times in a day at regular interval of times. It helps to improve metabolic activities and maintains the healthy blood sugar levels.

3. Avoid overeating:

Don’t eat the food in bulk.

4. Take healthy unsaturated fats:

Use of unsaturated fats like Olive oils, canola oils, avocados, nuts, flaxseeds, tuna and omega 3 fatty acids is good in diabetes.

5. Avoid unhealthy saturated fats:

Avoid the use of unhealthy saturated fats like red meat, eggs, butter and vegetable oils.

6. Avoid alcohol consumption:

Beer and wine contains the excess amounts of calories. So the consumption of beer and wine should be avoided by the diabetic patients.

7. Avoid sugar:

Sugar and sugar containing compounds contain the high quantities of carbohydrates. So it is important to avoid sugar in diabetes.